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Cosy home

The home where we spent our childhood has a place in our hearts forever. We aren't just building a quality house, we're creating a place for the most beautiful family memories.

Comfortable living

The quality of a home is born from a combination of many elements. In Starý pivovar, these include a well-thought-out layout with maximum natural daylight, quality craftsmanship and interconnectedness with the green outdoor environment.

No matter how large your family is, Starý pivovar residence will become your dream home.

  • Detailed technical description of the house and housing units

    Apartment standard

    Modern, light-filled apartments with a well-thought-out layout and maximum supply of daylight respond to the latest trends in housing. Residence Starý pivovar offers its residents maximum comfort. We carefully select first-class materials, and we are happy to meet your individual requirements for modifications before the building is completed.


    Apartment unit

    Floors in residential rooms
    multi-layer wooden floor - oak
    Intermediate walls
    ceramic AKU blocks
    Interior partitions
    Wall and ceiling surfaces
    gypsum plaster
    Apartment entrance door
    safety class III, fire-resistant, in steel doorframe (metal fitting handle, ball), peephole, height 2.1 m
    Apartment interior doors
    non-rebated doors, in steel doorframe, rose-cut fitting, visible hinges, height 2.1 m
    aluminium hole fillers
    Window shading
    under-plastering box for external jalousies with electric control - preparation
    Heating, heating bodies, regulation, measurement
    central heating, heating bodies, remote reading
    Air conditioning
    ventilation of bathrooms and toilets, preparation for fume-hood in the kitchen
    Media measurement
    remote reading with data collecting and access to updated state
    Guard system
    preparation for wireless safeguard - supply of 230 V for power supply of ESS switchboard in closet, home video-phone
    Electrical installations
    Heavy current distribution
    standard wiring. Can be exchanged for smart wiring in the case of a client request. Sockets and outlets for lights in the range as required by ČSN.
    Electric sockets and lighting controls
    SCHNEIDER Electric, white/white
    free outlets with socket and bulb for mounting lighting bodies
    Weak current distribution
    a fibre optic cable is brought to the apartments to install a switch for a possible WIFI-router. A TV socket and preparation for structured cabling are installed in the living room. The hallway contains a home telephone enabling audio transmission. A video phone can also be supplied. If required, a metallic cable can be brought into the apartment.
    Bathrooms and toilets
    ceramic tiles with concrete appearance of 60x60 cm format, in combination with matt white ceramic mosaic, according to the architect's choice
    Floor tiles
    ceramic tiles with a concrete appearance in the format 60x60 cm, according to the architect's choice
    Ceilings and their finish
    plasterboard ceiling and painting
    free outlets terminated with socket and bulb
    Basins and small basins
    Villeroy & Boch Subway 2.0
    Hasngrohe Vernis Blend, basin – arched mixer, small basin – stand mixer, chrome-plated
    Acrylic bathtubs, white
    Mixers and accessories
    wall-mounted, Hansgrohe, Vernis Blend, chrome-plated
    Shower cubicles
    low tub 120x80 cm made of cast marble, glass walk-in screen of Hüppe brand, Aura pure type, silver semi-gloss screen fittings
    Mixers and accessories
    concealed shower mixer, hand shower, head shower of Hansgrohe brand, Vernis Blend type
    Wall-hung toilet
    Villeroy & Boch Subway 2.0
    Toilet seat
    seat with lid, soft close
    by plate valve (ceiling)
    Heating bodies
    heating ladder, white
    Terraces and balconies
    Terrace and balcony floor
    ceramic floor with anti-slip
    Balcony doors
    aluminium hole fillers, powder-coated finish, anthracite grey
    osazení přisazeného svítidla - pouze terasy
    glazed railing
    Kitchen corner
    electrical outlets for electric cooker, dishwasher, fridge and cooker hood. Drainage ducts led out and terminated on the face of the brickwork for client connection. Preparation of hole for extractor hood connection.
    dřevěná vícevrstvá podlaha - dub
    Cellar cubicles
    concrete floor with epoxy coating, sheet metal opaque wall system, Gerhard – Brown

    Common spaces

    Entrance door to building
    glazed aluminium, with security fittings and insulating security double glazing, powder-coated finish, anthracite grey tone
    osobní – nerez, brus, zrcadlo, led osvětlení
    Floors of common corridors and staircases
    ceramic tiles with concrete appearance, 60x60 cm
    Wall surfaces of common corridors and staircases
    gypsum plaster, coloured paint in combination with matt white ceramic mosaic
    Staircase railings
    steel railing, wooden handle, vertical strip filling, powder coated finish, white tone
    Interior doors of common spaces
    doors with wood decor, fire-resistant, smooth solid
    combination of mounted luminaires (white) and LED strips
    Home phone, doorbells
    electronic doorman with a home phone, or apartments can be equipped with a videophone, 2N IP Verso brand
    Poštovní schránky
    poštovní schránky do sestavy, zapuštěné v kamenném obkladu
    Security systems
    security entrance doors, electronic entrance control (indoor and outdoor cameras)
    Sklepní kóje
    Room for municipal waste
    In the inner courtyard
    Pram storage room
    in the basement
    Other common rooms
    1st underground garage floor, parking on the ground
    Access pavement and access roads
    concrete paving
    Outdoor landscaping
    combination of intensive and extensive greenery, paved driveable and walkable areas, solitary greenery, workout playground, multi-purpose sports playground, dog playground, children's playground, ping-pong tables, retention ponds, sauna, communal gardens, grill points

    Construction part

    Number of floors
    1st - 3rd floors above ground, 1st underground floor
    pile walls, base plate – white tank
    Construction system
    underground part reinforced concrete, above ground part ceramic brick wall system, including ceramic ceilings and roof
    Vertical structures
    underground part - reinforced concrete, above ground part - ceramic brickwork
    Horizontal structures
    above the basement reinforced concrete monolithic slab, above ground part - ceramic ceilings
    extensive green roofs
    Techniclic© ventilated wooden façades with invisible fixing on a support grid in combination with offset horizontal strips in silicone white plaster
    reinforced concrete with prefabricated arms and monolithic intermediate platforms and landings with ceramic tile surface treatment
    floors in living rooms - wooden floors, fully glued, in bathrooms and toilets - ceramic tiles, floors of common corridors and staircases - ceramic tiles, cellars - concrete floor with epoxy coating
    white tank
    Heat insulation
    mineral wool on walls, roofing polystyrene on roofs
    Ironmongery elements
    steel construction, powder coated finish
    Plumbing elements
    painted aluminium sheet
    Truhlářské prvky
    dveřní křídla, terasy a parapety (schodky) k terasám bytů ve vyšších patrech
    Water supply
    municipal water supply
    separate sewage, disposal of rainwater by accumulation in green roofs, excess water into retention ponds with overflow to retention tanks and subsequent possible seepage
    Vytápění a příprava teplé užitkové vody
    plynovodní přípojky a plynové kotelny, ohřev TUV plynem

    Client changes

    Normal standard design

    As part of the standard design, each client can choose from a specified range of tiles, floor coverings and interior doors from our partners by a specified date. If the client does not make a material selection and sign the specification by the deadline, the selection will be made by DOMOPLAN.

    Additional charge premium design

    As part of the additional design, the client can choose from a wide range of premium domestic and foreign-made surfaces, floor tiles, sanitary fittings, floor coverings and interior doors from our partners. For the selected extra design, the client will be charged an additional fee corresponding to the difference between the price of the material, the cost of assembly including shipping and the cost of the lump sum to discuss the client's change. In the case of more complex tiling and flooring installations or changes to the installation of sanitary equipment, in some cases an additional charge may be made for the increased labour intensity involved in the installation and other work required.


    DOMOPLAN also offers the realization of individual modifications at the client's request. This can be small individual changes, such as partial changes to partitions, changes in the electricity distribution, the location of switches, sockets, central heating units, the connection of two housing units into one large spacious or even two-storey apartment. However, these changes must first be technically assessed, then designed and subsequently the price calculation is made.

    Each type of client change can only be implemented up to a certain stage of construction, so they are limited by predefined deadlines. For this reason, clients are advised to arrange changes as early as possible. The deadlines for reporting client changes vary for each project and are always definitively determined during construction. However, in general:


    1. client changes within the scope of changes to the wiring in monolithic reinforced concrete structures must be reported no later than 45 days before the start of concreting the ceiling above the first floor;
    2. client changes within the scope of layout changes must be reported no later than 45 days prior to commencement of brickwork construction;
    3. client changes within the scope of surface changes must be reported no later than 60 days prior to commencement of tiling.

    After submitting your idea of the form of the client change and payment of the fee for discussing the client change, a price calculation will be prepared. The price for the implementation of a client change is always determined individually depending on the recommended retail prices of goods from our contractual partners and the prices of other related items. Once you have received the price quotation, you will be able to decide whether you wish to implement the client change. The change is negotiated by way of an amendment to the Future Unit Ownership Transfer Agreement.

    The client change is made only after the payment of the full price of the change according to the amendment.

    DOMOPLAN reserves the right to refuse any change.

    Documents to download

    Technical description

Individuální prohlídky

Zveme vás na individuální prohlídku do nové rodinné rezidence Starý pivovar s vlastním parkem pod okny, která je pro vás již připravena k nastěhování.

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