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Great address

Královo Pole has everything you could wish for a comfortable life. All services within walking distance, green parks, playgrounds and the genius loci of a place with a long and rich history.

Within easy reach of everything you dream of

Královo Pole is renowned for its excellent accessibility to services. Whether you want to buy fresh vegetables, meet a friend for a coffee or enjoy a bit of self-care, you won't be far from Starý pivovar.

Within 5 minutes on foot
Tram stop in the direction of the centre
Grocery store
Post office

Kadetka Park

The former Carthusian monastery and the neighbouring Kadetka Park are a rewarding destination for afternoon walks.

Semilasso Cultural Centre

The lively Semilasso Cultural Centre in Královo Pole hosts many concerts, theatre performances and other programmes every month.

Within a 10-minute walk
Two primary schools
A secondary school
Brno - Královo Pole train station
Within 5 minutes by car
NC Královo Pole
Medlánky Hill Park

Královo Pole shopping centre

In the large Královo Pole shopping centre you can find everything you need, from groceries to children's shoes.

Medlánky Hill

Medlánky Hill and the neighbouring Střelecký Hill are home to a colony of ground squirrels and are protected for their remarkable composition of warm-loving flowers and insects. Mostly, though, they're a great place for afternoon walks and in autumn the skies above are teeming with colourful kites.

Within 10 minutes by car
City centre
Vodova Sports Complex
Brno Reservoir

Starý pivovar residence stands on the site of the former Carthusian monastery's farmyard. In the modern development you can still find many small reminders of its history, mainly in the form of small Baroque monuments.

Přihlaste se na den otevřených dveří

Zveme vás na den otevřených dveří do nové rodinné rezidence Starý pivovar s vlastním parkem pod okny.

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